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Safety Coordinator on site

Services for designers and investors in accordance to the Act No. 309/2006 Coll. and Government Decree No. 591/2006 Coll.:

  • Safety Coordinator during preparation and realization phase of the project
  • Preparation of Health & Safety Plan
  • Coordination of Contractors’ activities in terms of Safety
  • Site inspections and control of observance of safety rules
  • Reports on deficiencies
  • Communicating deficiencies and irregularities to Contractors
  • Proposing remedial measures to remove deficiencies and demand their removal
  • Informing responsible representatives about deficiencies that were not removed within the deadline
  • Participation on site meetings
  • Organizing Health & Safety site meetings
  • Presence on inspections by state authorities
  • Other Safety Coordinator activities as defined by Czech legal regulations